Posted on Jul 16, 2018

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Included with 3CX is the 3CX Tunnel, also known as the 3CX SBC. This software, which can be run on either a Raspberry Pi or a Windows PC, allows for easier connection of remote extensions to a remote 3CX phone system. Using port 5090 by default, (unless being utilized in a multi-tenant array). The 3CX Tunnel combines all SIP and RTP VoIP Packets from one location and can deliver them to the 3CX servers location on a single port. This allows the traffic to help overcome various firewall and mobile network issues and allows a simpler route to configuring remote extensions on your system. Some of the other reasons to use it include:

Resolve issues of NAT Traversal at the remote location.
Simplified Firewall configuration at both the remote and the PBX location.
Overcome difficulties with ISP's that block VoIP Traffic based on port numbers.
Allows VoIP-over-WiFi in some restricted locations
Can help overcome troublesome firewalls that can not handle VoIP traffic correctly
or are problematic to configure.
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